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Empowering Families Collaborative Solutions and Co-Creation Initiatives in Shelter Support

In family shelters, the implementation of micro-interventions has the potential to disrupt existing systems that hinder empowerment. Through the collaborative process of co-creation, families are actively involved in shaping research and design, ensuring their unique experiences are central to the solutions developed. This approach serves to bridge the gap between individuals with diverse backgrounds, valuing the insights of unhoused families alongside formal design expertise. Furthermore, co-creation initiatives at the micro-level not only empower families but also equip architecture students with practical skills essential for effecting change within the design industry.

Project Information 


Studio 9-10 Design & Build
Sameena Sitabkhan | Karen Seong

Lowai G | Mazen G | Kim E | Andrew H | Kenny S 
Spring & Fall 2023
BVHM, Mission District, San Francisco ,CA
Revit | Rihno | Enscape | Adope Suit | Microsoft 365

Partnering with Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 Community School (BVHM), Dolores Street Community Services, and 826 Valencia. Our primary goal is to conceptualize, design, and fabricate 69 foldable bed units and storage solutions for over 25 families in need.

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